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mogis256, 37, Bloomington.


male, long term relationship, 28 points, last seen 3422 days ago


Cheese, Music, Gyros


To whomever gave me points: I will hunt you down and murder your children!
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i can't believe you deleted my picture comment!

jqr, 3952 days ago   

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you think he means average size?

swell, 3967 days ago   

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don't = censor Brent
word = bond

quarantine, 4005 days ago   

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at long last, you get on sqeez, but all you do is remove a tag?

you're silly.

swell, 4009 days ago   

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this guy must be dead!

jqr, 4037 days ago   

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@swell don't censor Brent!

quarantine, 4046 days ago   

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word is bond

jqr, 4046 days ago   

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i'm surprised you're not off in some dungeon somewhere.

swell, 4046 days ago   

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